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Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!


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And to compliment my new thread, here's a pic, and she's off to AutoGlamour in a couple of weeks for another makeover.

Check out the paint correction thread if you haven't seen it.


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Looks great sitting there Donald. Has it been lowered?

Hi, yes, down around 30mm (1") front and rear. I think the OEM's look much bigger now.

Looks good buddy. Is it Onyx or Starlight?

Hi, it's Obsidian black, so just a Solid Black.

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I like how it sits a touch lower. Did you use coil overs?

Hi Matt, yes, it's been fitted with KW Version 3 Coilovers.

The ride is so much better now.

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Photos are fantastic.

All the way from Melbourne to do a photo shoot?

Can I ask if it was expensive?

I'm looking to have some professional shots done in the next few weeks.

Any suggestions for anyone in Brissy?

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He did 3 days of photoshoots for about 20 cars when he was here, it cost me $120 for about 12 shots (moving and stationary), and got both high resolution and low resolution ones.

Next time he's up, I'll let everyone know! Sorry it just slipped my mind to post about it here.

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