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Aloc Meet #10

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Its that time again!!

polish and wax your rides!!

Time to show off how cool and hot your lexus is!

meet some new people!!

DATE: 10th of November

Time: 2pm +

Location: Leads st Rhodes (at the end of the street where the IKEA pick up depot is located)

Do: Make new friends,Be cool, Chill relax and share your passion with other lexus owners

After: Open for suggestions!!

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Bros, I'm back from the middle earth, as much as I enjoy the wildness in milford sound, the purity fox glacier, the deliciousness of ferger burger, damn I do miss my car :wub:

I'm in for the meet for sure! I can see iKea from my balcony :) , may bring a few spare mid-pipes too.

Suggestion - Maybe a DIY session? To help people DIY HID kit, Auto Folding Mirror etc...

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Im keen for this but wont be able to stay for long, possibly looking into and exhaust or midpipe in the future so would love to check out a few rides and see how loud they are inside the cabin to help influence my decision



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