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Is-F Spoiler & Tail Lights On '08 Is250X - Done!

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Well it has been a long time coming, but I have finally completed the two mods i've been dying to do. Genuine IS-F rear lip spoiler & USDM IS-Fail lights.

Just finished tonight and will have to get some clearer day time pics



1. IS-F rear lip spoiler

Very easy to install. I spoke with Sydney City Lexus today regarding installation and they recommended I contact Paddington Prestige Smash Repairs (around the corner from Sydney City Lexus). I dropped in there today to get a quote for installation, they said a few $hundred; but instead suggested I do it myself and remove the screws, use the double sided tape provided and get a high grade adhesive. So I did - $7.50, big difference.

I nervously grinded off the screws and the hardest thing was getting it lined up. Applied the adhesive and held down for 10-15 mins and left to sit with a few weights on top for another 30 mins just to be sure. Best of all, it's within 1mm from left to right; not bad for a hack.

2. IS-F USDM tail lights

Again, easy to install, had to peel back the inner boot lining to access the 3 nuts and remove the original harness. Gave it a little push and wham, no worries. Installing was just the reverse; push into place, put in new harness & bulb, do up the 3 nuts and put lining back into place. DONE!





Now I think a GFX front lip will finish it off nice.

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Thanks Franky! Hey, I had a quick chat to Lexus today (local price for the spoiler is ~$750) and they pointed out that the IS-F spoiler could block visibility of the high-mount stop light.

Just wanted to see if this is the case with yours?

I really wouldn't know, but I know that they do like to raise the stop light which in turn blocks vision. I don't think it would impead too much. I'm happy with it either way.

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I'm happy, my spoiler arrived yesterday! Ordered Thursday, arrived Tuesday.

I've decided to try to get it properly installed, but due to travel commitments its going to be 2 weeks before I get around to this.

The only (minor) problem is the spoiler didn't come with the stencil of where to put the holes in the bootlid, but I'm hoping it uses the same ones as what the factory option spoiler would....

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If people are interested, they might want to alert their local Lexus dealer to Melbourne City Lexus' current offer on rear IS spoilers. Supplied for $299.


I was originally quoted $1000 from the dealer to install the boot spoiler; so $450 for the F Spoiler was a bargain. But $299, damn good. But yea, I do prefer the look of the F and I'm happy I paid the extra $$$.

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I wish i live in Melb. Seems like Honda and Toyota parts are sold readily there....

How does it get fitted? with tapes or drill holes?

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dude just get em to ship it out

iv just put carson spoiler on mine

ill put put some pics up soon

Definitely a great price. I rang last week and they only have a couple of colours left. I missed out because they didn't have any silver left. Damn!!!

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Hey guys been looking at ur car. Must firstly say NICE! Anyhow im abit confused about the bootlip spoilers.... ive seen some around and wat i dont realy understand is.... I think im getting confused with the IS-F spoiler and the OEM.... I after the one that sticks right out upwards... i was sure it was the IS-F spoiler but with ur car ur saying its the ISF and also i looked on the sewell site and its say IS-F also yet i doesnt really seem to stick out and up. Please tell me what im missing here.... i cant really see the back view and pics of these? is it differnent with the states IS-F and the oz one or something.... cos the one u got on looks to me as OEM.. or is i cos i cant see the back view...

In my mind the IS-F spoiler is more round curved and sticks out and up whereas the OEM is more on the boot and doesnt stick up as much.

Please help?

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OK... goin by the foto im after the silver one? What is it called???

The silver one is the OEM, but sounds like they're all out of the silver ones at the $299 price.

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So I'd like to ask, where and how much for the IS-F spoiler?

I bought it off Sewell. Paid about $350 (US) plus postage. Make sure you use the CLUBLEXUS promotion code.

Guys do you know if there is an updated Promotion code for Sewell? I'm so tempted to purchase this spoiler. Please share the promotion code please....

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if u have a ClubLexus account, it's still $US 353.15 + postage

they also have the OEM rear spoiler (the pointy one at the top of the page) for $US 166.80 + postage


i just added 3 things (front lip, rear lip, rear spoiler)

the parts cost $575, which i reckon is really good

but then shipping to australia costs $652...


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